How To Use These Different Ways To Increase Link Popularity For Your Site

The current trend in internet marketing is to rely on hyperlinks and various other ways of making your site more visible by linking to other sites, but, there are other ways to do this too. In fact, you can try your hand at building link popularity for your site, even if you have not had much success in the past.

Directories: directories are a great way to achieve link popularity for your site. The first thing to remember is that they are free to use and therefore the most important thing to do is to submit your website as many times as possible. If you have built a reputation as a reliable directory, then other sites will link to you, which is more than enough to achieve good link popularity.

Article submissions: Because article submissions give them a very high SEO ranking, they are very popular among some search engines. This may not always be the case though, so be sure to check with the article submission sites to make sure you get in their best. And if you really want to boost your SEO rankings, there are free tools available online that you can use to improve the quality of your articles.

Various forms of blogs: Blogs are another great way to build link popularity for your site. There are dozens of blog directories around, and these are free to use. There are also other free blog directories, which you can use to achieve higher ranking on Google, for example.

Twitter: With Twitter, you can create an account, where you tweet out things about your website or product. The strategy is to tweet out links to your website, product reviews, product and other relevant posts about your business. This is one of the best ways to get in front of potential customers and also help promote your website.

Video Marketing: If you have an interesting video about your business, you can make a link out of it. You can do this with a video platform such as YouTube, or you can just post it on your own site. Be sure to get the actual link that gets the most clicks when people watch your video.

Article marketing: Article marketing is a good strategy to increase the popularity of your website and also to increase the chances of you gaining a link back from other sites. If you have articles that are linked to your website, this will bring you more targeted traffic.